A 6 bedroom house in Tervuren (Brussels), Belgium

Sleeps 8 people


Charming house in a green suburban village right on the edge of Brussels, with a large, accessible garden. Our home has been adapted for a wheelchair on the ground floor, where there is an adapted bathroom and double bedroom. The side entrance is flat, front door has a ramp and double doors. There are no steps on the ground floor. The kitchen is suitable but not adapted for wheelchair-user. Downstairs living space is large. We also have a "standing-device" and a hand-bike available. All other bedrooms are on the top floor, where there are no adaptations.
Very close to beautiful forests/parks and easy access to Brussels with all its sights. Also near to airport (15 min) and Leuven (25mins).


1 living room
1dining room
1 kitchen
4 single bedrooms
2 double bedrooms
4 bathrooms
4 toilets


suitable for a wheelchair user
The home is suitable for people with
autism, Asperger’s syndrome, a learning difficulty/disability
a family with a disabled child
a hearing impairment
a mobility impairment
restricted growth
shortened/amputated limbs

Accessibility adaptations


1 accessible double bedroom
Bed has the right height for manual transfer and has electrically adjustable head/foot end. Adjacent bathroom has a toilet with support bars, a wall-seat in shower and we also have a shower wheelchair.


Wheelchair access

Living Room
Dining room
Inner door width
Don't know - can get a wheelchair through


There are no steps inside my house
Inside my home I use
a manual wheelchair


There are no steps into the house
There is a ramp into the house
Front door width
at least 850mm (Australia standard)


feed the cat(s)
A car swap is available
The car is adapted for a disabled driver with hand controls

My home also has

streaming tv services (Netflix etc)
a dish washer
a washing machine
a tumble dryer
a cleaner who visits


There is a garden which is fenced with a lockable garden gate the garden is accessible There's a patio

In the area

The nice town of Tervuren, with its famous Royal Parks and the Africa Museum. Tram line 44 to Brussels (however, not wheelchair-accessible), but also a short car-drive from all the sights in Brussels, and Leuven in the other direction.