The Free holiday house swap website for disabled people and our families!

Welcome to holiday house exchange where disabled people swap houses for a holiday or break with other disabled people who have the same accessibility needs. It's that simple!

We've changed the site to include families with disabled children, so that families with the same access needs can also take advantage of this great idea.

We've been operating since 2004, making us the oldest disability house swap website out there. Lots has changed since then, so we've decided to rebuild the site and start over. With nearly fifteen years of experience we have worked hard to make sure this website meets all your house swap needs, is trustworthy and reliable. And we now have a few pioneers who have registered and are using he site to swap with each other.

But we need more people to join, so there is more choice for our members. Why not join our pioneers and put your details up here - I bet you'll be surprised how many people make contact with you for a holiday swap. It's free to join, to upload details of your property, including some fantastic pictures, and once you've become a member you'll be able to contact as many properties on the site to suggest a swap, as many times as you like. Just imagine how often you could be going on holiday - for free! But you can't contact anyone until you have signed up.

Once you have signed up and put your property details online - ideally with some pictures of your property - we will check that you are not a robot and you will then be free to swap with whoever you want. It's that simple!

We've all had those nightmare holiday experiences – arriving at an inaccessible hotel, not having an accessible bathroom to use, maybe not even having a bed to get into. is a simple solution to all these problems, allowing you to travel with the security of knowing your accommodation will meet your needs when you get there.

I remember a particular nightmare holiday, when I arrived in my wheelchair at our hotel in Spain at 3am, only to find that my bedroom was on the 2nd floor and I couldn't even get into the lift! It took a nightmare of twisting and turning the chair by my wife, who sprained her back in the process. We moved hotel 2 days later.

Those days are gone! Welcome to – for your security and peace of mind.

  • Introductory offer: FREE - you pay nothing! We're not going to start charging until we've built up enough head of steam to be worth it to you, and it won't be expensive.
  • No hidden fees or complicated points system, just straight swaps.
  • Made by disabled people for disabled people.
  • Unlimited photos.
  • Information fine-tuned for disabled people.



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