A 4 bedroom bungalow in Galway, Ireland

Sleeps 8 people

Near the sea


Our home is located in a lovely seaside village just 7km from Galway city center. The garden goes straight down to the sea and there is access to a little beach. The house is in a quiet cual de sac but only a couple of minutes walking distance to the bustling village. The views from the house are breathtaking.. there is a patio area too which is ideal for barbecues.. The house is a bungalow with 4 bedrooms. The main bedroom has an en-suite with a disabled shower and a ceiling hoist running from the bedroom to the bathroom. The bed is a king size with an air mattress. There are two other large double rooms and a smaller box room which also has a double bed.
There is an open fire which is lovely to cozy up to on a rainy day.


1 living room
1 kitchen
4 double bedrooms
1 bathroom
2 toilets


suitable for a wheelchair user
The home is suitable for people with
a family with a disabled child
a mobility impairment
restricted growth
shortened/amputated limbs

Accessibility adaptations


1 accessible double bedroom
Ceiling hoist, sit to stand hoist, electric bed with air mattress, doors widened firstresponse alarm system


I have a wet room/roll in shower
there is a hoist


no fluorescent lights


Wheelchair access

Living Room
Inner door width
At least 850mm (Australia standard)


There are no steps inside my house
Inside my home I use
an electric wheelchair


There are no steps into the house
There is a ramp into the house
Front door width
unknown - can get a wheelchair through


A car swap is available
The car has an electric lift/ramp to enable a wheelchair to get in
The car has fixings to immobilise a wheelchair while in transit

My home also has

a computer you can use
streaming tv services (Netflix etc)
a dish washer
a washing machine
a tumble dryer


There is a garden the garden is accessible There's a patio There's a great view