A 3 bedroom house in Maleny, Australia

Entrance to 'Vivamauri'
Our garden from back verandah
Verandah overlooking the garden
Main bedroom kingsize bed

Sleeps 6 people


Our home is low set, on 1 acre of easy green garden. We love living here and have done for years. It is convenient to town where everything is available. You can drive to the front door and then park safely undercover. We have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets & an office. We live a lot on the sunny back verandah overlooking our beautiful garden that attracts many birds. We enjoy a mild winter mid year and a warm summer but because we live in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, it cools each evening. Our home is modified for easy wheel chair access. We have wifi, air con and all facilities to make life comfortable. We hope you will come and enjoy it too!


1 living room
1dining room
1 kitchen
1 single bedroom
2 double bedrooms
2 bathrooms
2 toilets


suitable for a wheelchair user
The home is suitable for people with
autism, Asperger’s syndrome, a learning difficulty/disability
a family with a disabled child
a hearing impairment
a mobility impairment
a visual impairment
restricted growth
shortened/amputated limbs

Accessibility adaptations


1 accessible single bedroom
2 accessible double bedrooms
plenty of room


I have a wet room/roll in shower


I have a left-hand transfer onto my toilet


Wheelchair access

Living Room
Dining room
Inner door width
At least 850mm (Australia standard)


There are no steps inside my house
Inside my home I use
a manual wheelchair


There are no steps into the house
There is a ramp into the house
Front door width
at least 850mm (Australia standard)


A car swap is available

My home also has

a computer you can use
a dish washer
a washing machine
a tumble dryer


There is a garden There's a patio There's a great view

In the area

We live 4 minutes from the small town of Maleny, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. It is a warm, friendly community. There is a Film Society, concerts, and we are half an hour from the most beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches. There are many excellent cafes and restaurants in our area and along the coast. It is scenically beautiful and our road faces the unique Glass House Mountains.