A 3 bedroom house in Kinsealy, Ireland

Open plan sitting room, taken from the dining room
The garden
The green outside
The front door

Sleeps 5 people

Near the sea


Our oldest son, who is 17, has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. This is our pretty and easy going family home that is adapted for him. Downstairs is open plan with a tiny garden out the back with a big leafy paper Birch tree. There are books, comfy sofas in front of the TV, an old piano, houseplants and a well-used wooden dining table with mismatched chairs. The accessible bedroom has a wheelchair lift and is stacked full of Doctor Who memorabilia.


1 living room
1dining room
1 kitchen
1 single bedroom
2 double bedrooms
2 bathrooms
2 toilets


suitable for a wheelchair user
The home is suitable for people with
autism, Asperger’s syndrome, a learning difficulty/disability
a family with a disabled child
a hearing impairment
a mobility impairment
restricted growth
shortened/amputated limbs

Accessibility adaptations


1 accessible single bedroom
Ceiling hoist, double-width sliding door to wet room. Commode with upper-body supports and harness. Bath bed that rolls out of the wet room so that you can be hoisted into it. A single hospital type bed with electric up/ down and back tilt. A wheelchair lift (250kg) goes between the ground floor and this bedroom.


I have a wet room/roll in shower
there is a hoist


no fluorescent lights


Wheelchair access

Living Room
Dining room
Inner door width
At least 800mm (UK standard)


There are no steps inside my house
Inside my home I use
a manual wheelchair


There are no steps into the house
There is no ramp into the house
Front door width
at least 800mm (UK standard)


feed the cat(s)
A car swap is available
The car has an electric lift/ramp to enable a wheelchair to get in
The car has fixings to immobilise a wheelchair while in transit

My home also has

a computer you can use
streaming tv services (Netflix etc)
a dish washer
a washing machine
a tumble dryer


There is a garden which is fenced the garden is accessible

In the area

Malahide Castle and Demesne are 5 minutes drive away. Portmarnock beach is 10 minutes by car. There's a Tesco supermarket up the road, we are 15 mins from Dublin Airport. Access to the M1 motorway is very close by but it is still nice and quiet around here. The Pavilions shopping mall is 10 mins away by car or a 30 minute walk. There is a wheelchair accessible Dublin Bus that passes by the estate every hour that goes into Dublin city center. The journey takes about 50 minutes.