A 2 bedroom flat in Cape Town, South Africa

View over Surfers Corner
View over Vlei
One corner of lounge from dining area
Dining area - Front door visible
Main Bedroom

Sleeps 4 people

Near the sea


Our apartment is situated close to the beach in Muizenberg, Cape Town.
It is a 2 bedroom apartment with a lounge and dining area and 2 bathrooms.
The one bathroom has a roll-in shower with a rolling shower chair that can be used. The shower has one grab bar. Shower has a handheld showerhose that can be mounted on the wall.
The toilet has access from the front only with grab bars at the back of toilet.
The main bedroom has a queen size bed with a electric swing hoist for easy access on and off the bed.
The second bedroom has a sleeper couch that can be used for extra 2 people.
The lounge has a swing hand hoist that allows you to sit on a recliner that stands on a plinthwith lock wheels for better viewing through the window. There is another recliner and chairs as well.
Kitchen has access, but no counters for wheelchair user. Turn area only at entrance corner.
The apartment allows you a panoramic view of the whole False Bay, with the world famous Surfers Corner a stone throw away. We are 2 minutes roll and stroll from the beach. Arrangements can be made for assisted swimming or surfing.
This is the perfect base to explore and experience Cape Town and the surrounding sights. Roll and stroll the famous Muizenberg historical mile or sit down at one of our many coffee shops and enjoy watching the surfers ride the waves..... or take a leisurely drive out to one of our many wine estates, sip wine, or try our famous craft beers.
We can get around quite comfortably around the village and take walks for quite a few kilometres around the area. Not all areas and restaurants are accessible, but we will provide all information of accessibility.
Cleaner can be arranged.
We can do a car swop, our motorcar has hand controls. But accessible transport can be arranged. Public transport in our area is not accessible.
PS. Will add more photos later as layout of some of the rooms have changed and they also do not show the hoists and accessible bathroom!
We love to travel and together have been to Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Florence, Venice and areas around these cities. Would love to visit any of these cities again as well as Prague and Germany. But we are open to anywhere in the world!


1 living room
1dining room
1 kitchen
1 single bedroom
1 double bedroom
2 bathrooms
2 toilets


suitable for a wheelchair user
The home is suitable for people with
autism, Asperger’s syndrome, a learning difficulty/disability
a mobility impairment
restricted growth
shortened/amputated limbs

Accessibility adaptations


1 accessible double bedroom
Electric swing hoist

Living room

Manual swing hoist at one recliner


I have a wet room/roll in shower


no fluorescent lights


Wheelchair access

Living Room
Dining room
Wheelchair width
Inner door width
Don't know - can get a wheelchair through


There are steps inside my house
Inside my home I use
a manual wheelchair


Front door width
at least 800mm (UK standard)


A car swap is available
The car is adapted for a disabled driver with hand controls

My home also has

streaming tv services (Netflix etc)
a washing machine
a tumble dryer


There's a great view

In the area

Restaurants, wine estates, Table Mountain and many more!